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The Olewine Law Office, P.C. is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation in all matters of adoption law. Experienced in both the domestic and international adoptions, the Olewine Law Office, P.C. represents adoptive families, birth parents, and adoptees in agency and independent (direct placement) adoptions, stepparent and second-parent adoptions, and family adoptions.

The firm is experienced with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, the Indian Child Welfare Act, and the International Hague Treaty on the Cooperation and Placement of Children (Hague Treaty). The Olewine Law Office, P.C. is committed to providing the most professional and efficient legal services possible, and is especially attentive to prompt and regular client communication.
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The practice of Adoption Law at the Olewine Law Office, P.C. is guided by stringent adherence to ethical principals. The adoption and birth parent relinquishment/termination of rights process are conducted in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards, consistent with the adoptive child's best interest. The goal is always solid, secure adoptions.

Adoption Law is like no other area of the law. The emotions and human complexities set it apart. The people and relationships involved deserve the highest degree of sensitivity, compassion, and respect.

Attorney Lisa H. Olewine has years of professional and personal experience in adoption. Ms. Olewine is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, an organization through which she is involved in national and international policy developments, and keeps abreast of current case law and statutory changes. Through the Academy, Ms. Olewine is able to collaborate with the best adoption attorneys nationwide whenever an unusual circumstance can benefit from additional expertise.

Ms Olewine is a leader in adoption law in New Mexico, having served as the President of the Adoption and Foster Care Alliance of New Mexico from 2004-2007; on the Alliance's Legislative Committee (2002-present); and on the Alliance's Hague Committee (2002-2006). Ms. Olewine served on the Adoption Committee of the Statewide Committee on Revisions to the New Mexico Children's Code in 2004.

Lisa Olewine has provided training to the legal and judicial community, and to adoption service providers throughout the state, including being a presenter at the State Bar of New Mexico: International Adoption Law (2010, 2007); Judicial Training and Education: Judicial Conclaves (2007, 2006, 2004); UNM Law School: Children's Law - Adoption (2006); New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department: Adoption Law (2006); Statewide Training: Children's Code Changes in New Mexico (2005); and Adoption Alliance: Advocacy with New Mexico's State Legislature (2004).

In addition to her Juris Doctorate from the University of New Mexico, Ms. Olewine has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Washington. Prior to coming to the practice of law, Ms. Olewine worked in international development, women's health, and in clinical settings with children and adolescents. This education and experience enhances her ability to provide comprehensive legal counsel in adoption. Likewise, her experience as a Certified Mediator has facilitated many agreements essential to the adoption process.

As a very committed and active adoptive parent, Ms. Olewine's personal investment ultimately benefits her clients. She is very active in the adoption community and connected to local, national, and international resources. The combination of professional and personal involvement, whether relating to legal, ethical, or parental challenges, propels Ms. Olewine to keep abreast of adoption research. She regularly attends conferences and seminars addressing not only legal issues, but also familial, ethical, and adoptee concerns. Adoptees provide some of the most insightful education impacting practice.

Ms. Olewine is pleased with many of the sociological changes that have occurred in adoption over time, making adoption an increasingly positive option for birth parents, families, and children. Aware of the complexities inherent in adoption, however, Ms. Olewine struggles as an adoptive parent and professional, to better understand the psychological, sociological, and ethical ramifications, and to contribute to solutions of underlying problems. She does this in part by committing a portion of legal fees earned to empowering vulnerable women & children through social/economic development programs in the U.S. & abroad.

While the journey to adoption is not always smooth, being a part of the creation of loving families is a privilege that Ms. Olewine and her staff treasures every step of the way.